For those of us with less-than-perfect credit, finding auto-financing can be tricky. Buying a car can turn into a frustrating experience, but fortunately there’s good news. Reliable Auto Finance, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is committed to helping you get the financing you deserve, regardless of your credit history.

Since 1992, Reliable Auto Finance has been the choice Bad Credit Loan Company in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team of dedicated loan specialists can get you a loan, fast. Reliable Auto Finance makes sure you are approved, guaranteed.

For quick approval take the following items to the dealership with you:

  • Valid State Drivers License
  • Two most recent paystubs for all applicants
  • Landlord name and contact information
  • Mortagage payment book (if you own your home)
  • Current telephone bill for all applicants
  • Current proof of social security, ADC, retirees, etc.
  • Six references per applicant. Include name, complete address and phone number. Two must be immediate family.

Reliable Auto Finance takes your privacy seriously. Please feel free to download our privacy policy and review it. We are available to answer questions, so after reviewing it, contact us for clarification of any part of the policy. (The policies are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy reading and printing, please download the Acrobat Reader if you do not have it.)

Visit one of our participating dealerships or contact us today for more information.