Easy Subprime Payment Options with Reliable Auto Finance

Offering subprime auto loans at your dealership can open up a great deal of opportunity when it comes to the number of vehicles you sell. This is just one of the numerous reasons why it’s important to explore this alternative method of financing. Once you begin improving your sales numbers, however, efficient management of the accounts is important to keep subprime borrowers paying on time.

At Reliable Auto Finance, we want to see subprime borrowers making their regular payments. We want your customers to see subprime financing not only as a way to get a new car, but also as an opportunity to get their finances in order and begin improving their credit. That’s why we offer a number of ways for borrowers to pay off their loan, all listed on our website for everyone’s convenience. Here’s what we have available:


By Mail or Phone – The traditional method, for those who want to keep it simple.

Recurring ACH – Have payments transferred directly from a bank account on a specified date each month.

PayNearMe – This service allows people to make payments at local retailers like 7-Eleven.

Online Debit or Credit Card – Pay by providing card information through Billing Tree. This can take 24 hours to process, and requires a $6.50 service fee.

MoneyGram and Western Union Locations – These third-party services will allow borrowers to pay, with additional fees, at any of their many locations.


Making it easier for customers to pay their bills will help them to work towards better financial standing, increasing the chances that they’ll be coming back to you for another loan (perhaps for a pricier vehicle) in the future. At Reliable Auto Finance, we provide the tools to encourage every party’s financial success.